You can make beautiful online publications, in one click.

Textus creates professionally designed PDFs and responsive webpages from your Word documents. Save your files to Dropbox, and you’re live.

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Finally, you don’t need a designer or a developer to create your webpages and typeset your PDFs.

Getting your content online still is way too difficult. Uploading images or typing a few words into some social network’s web form, is easy enough. But when it comes to getting a proper website for your business or delivering that interactive report to your client, things will get very technical: mobile support, loading times, file formats, metadata… You need a designer, developer, hosting provider, SEO hacker — who cost you a lot of time, money and overhead. With Textus, all that frustration belongs to the past. If you can type, then you can make modern websites and good-looking PDFs yourself!

Impress your clients with professional documents.

As a consultant or a lawyer, you’re not going to use a blogging engine to format and distribute your confidential documents. You just need an easy way to make them look good, and share them fast and securely with clients, and without breaking your current workflow. Textus has you covered with templates for business plans, job descriptions, letterheads, motions, reports, research memos, and many more document types, which are all easily customizable to match your corporate identity. Just save your files to your own cloud, and Textus will process them for you, automatically and securily.

Publishers save thousands on typesetting costs.

Books, manuals, syllabi, and similar documents of highly structured long-form content are extremely well supported by Textus. Auto-generated tables of contents and indices, footnotes, typesetting of complicated tables and mathematical equations: we got you covered! Publishing workflows for text-heavy documents can still immensely profit from automated file conversion by cutting out outsourcing costs for typesetting, development and deployment. Let our servers do the heavy lifting instead of expensive hires. Just have your editors store your authors’s manuscripts in your cloud, and Textus will generate at each revision an updated press-ready PDF, which you can send off right to your printer or integrate with your own POD solution.

Textus is the missing link between your files in the cloud and the website on your server.

Textus is a proud finalist of the Telenet Kickstart 2015 startup accelerator program.

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