Automated copy-editing

Much of what makes up professional book design is in the tiny little details of typesetting. Professional copy-editing and proper punctuation is applied on the fly, based on your locale and preferences. Simply choose between Chicago or Oxford style, and Textus will edit your text all automatically, like a professional editor would!

Textus reads and writes all common file formats

From a single manuscript your book is generated to all the reading experiences you want: paper edition or ebook, optimized for mobile phones, tablets or huge displays. Textus outputs to the latest and greatest HTML, PDF, and EPUB, and it supports MS Word and OpenOffice documents, Markdown files and much more! Simply keep authoring in the word processor or text editor you know, and leave on the technical difficulties of file conversion and formatting to Textus.

Edit as often as you need

No more back-and-forth emailing files between author, editor, and publisher! With Textus, you can keep re-writing your manuscript and have your published book always be up-to-date. Since all of the typesetting is automated, fixing typos is easy, fast, and cheap. No more waiting on that new proof: it’s right there, just one click away! (Oh, and don’t worry: Textus tracks all changes and keeps a detailed edition history for your book’s entire lifecycle.)
Imagine having a book designer 24/7 available…
Meet Textus, your typesetting service in the cloud which puts five centuries of typographic know-how at your fingertips!

Create beautiful books in seconds


Book design is all about meaning

Textus is able to automate typographic design because it understands text. Your words and sentences are first analyzed with sophisticated programs, which recognize your manuscript’s language, its structure and coherence. When everything’s set, all the tiny details that make up good typography are applied automatically, like proper hyphenation, punctuation, markup and page layout.

Let our algorithms do the tedious markup and typesetting minutiae, so you can focus more on the creative aspects of design and on crafting the words!


Great navigation,


Textus analyzes the structure of your manuscript and knows to tell parts, chapters, and sections apart. There’s no need for you to tediously keep track of your headings and update a table of contents by hand. Textus not only prints a ToC with proper page numbers on each update, but also calculates reading times and adds all the required navigational elements to the e-editions, so your readers can browse through your book easily on screen and touch devices just as well.

State-of-the-art PDFs which you can trust

Textus generates technically excellent PDFs you can rely on. There’s default support for tagged PDF/UA (ISO 14289-1:2012), compliant with the EU Accessibility Act, clickable bookmarks and correct metadata. And we have press-ready ISO 15930 conformant PDF/X, with support for CMYK, spot colors, and ICC profiles, ideal for offset printing and digital printing-on-demand. If you need password-protected PDFs, that’s covered too!

Automated cover design

Don’t judge a book by its cover, they say. Well, as a publisher you know better: when it comes to marketing your book, nothing can match the art of a professional book designer. That’s why Textus supports custom cover designs, which you can upload along with your manuscript. But no worries when you don’t have cover artwork yet: Textus’s intelligent algorithms will design one right off the shelves, all automagically!

Modern reading experiences for all devices

At Textus, we are paper-people and love beautifully printed books. Book design is an ancient art with a great tradition which we seek to bring to the digital millennium. That’s why you can have Textus generate e-editions of your books too, in addition to print-ready PDFs! You’ll get a highly optimized, multi-page website, which you can put online immediately or upload to your server, with no external dependencies.
Typesetting and designing your books with Textus is a breeze, thanks to all the smart automation. But you stay in control! Customize the default stylesheets easily by changing color palettes and typeface pairings, ornaments and page sizes. You can even take full control with simple html and css! Web designers can start designing for print too, using the same rock-solid open standard technologies they use on the Web already! There’s no limit on what you can do creatively with Textus…

Infinite design options using the tech you already know

Until now, designing for print required years of training and expensive software packages. And eventually your source ends up in some proprietary format which you’ll no longer be able to open after just a few years. Textus, instead, embraces open standards: your content is yours, always. There’s no lock-in, no weird files. Your documents stay on your own hard drive in the format of your liking, synced with Textus through your cloud storage of choice.

Stay in control of your content


Dr Wouter Soudan

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Wouter obsesses over extinct alphabets and stuff like ϕ = (1+√5)/2. Most of the time he’s in the garage tinkering with his 1961 Original Heidelberg letterpress, or dreaming up AI design algorithms.

Pieter Soudan

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Pieter has a master in Computer Science and more than ten years of experience as a software engineer and entrepreneur. He has a passion for design and a broad knowledge of web-technology.


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Dozens of professional book designs to choose

Textus has put years of typographic research and ages of book art practice into computer algorithms. Our typographic design engine generates beautiful stylesheets based on intelligent parsing of your text and on your personal preferences. Pick a ready-made theme of your choice, or create your own in a few easy steps.
Textus is the missing link between your manuscript in the cloud, your printed book & the website on your server.
Textus is a proud finalist of the Telenet Kickstart
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